International photo and film organisation based in Beijing, Auckland, Toronto, and Berkeley. Founded by James Lindesay, Richard Sheen and Jeffrey Zhang in 2011. Depictograph Productions is devoted to promote the conservation of our natural environment and cultural-historical heritage of all diversities.

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The Wild Wall ® hosted by William Lindesay. WildWall (sometimes Wild Wall or wild Wall), noun; abbreviated and common form of wilderness Wall, being wilderness sections of the Great Wall of China (as opposed to rebuilt tourist sections). WildWall is characterised by its overgrown ramparts, covered with a layer of earth colonised by grasses, bushes and sometimes trees, and featuring fabric and masonry that has been subject to various degrees of fracturing and weathering, i.e. in a state of dereliction. Term originates from British geographer and Great Wall studies researcher William Lindesay O.B.E.; first coined in 1994. Translated directed into Chinese as "ye chang cheng" (野长城).

Since I am an unpredictable wild h̶u̶s̶k̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶g̶  Arctic wolf, using my images and/or music without copyright permission may result in tiny puppies biting your fingers and/or howling in your backyard 4am on Sunday mornings. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED *woof*

I don't just give out my number that easily!

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