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The Answers You Need


To fulfill the pathological desire of ego-gratification as demanded by my post-apocalyptic narcissism as a mildly retarded husky dog! Not really, no. This website exists for the purpose of sharing my hopes, dreams, spiritual journey and my desire to help all who are suffering in loneliness and despair, and as a platform to promote nature conservation and spiritual well-being. I wish to share the most breathtaking moments of perfection that our beautiful world so unconditionally provides to us, to encourage protection and conservation of our environment and to remind all who are lonely, who are in pain, who seek understanding and who crave love, that even amidst the darkest of despair, hope is always there, and this hope arises from the relationship of love, understanding and harmony that we share with our world and all who dwell within.


Throughout my journeys, I have encountered many facets of reality. I have caught a glimpse of the most beautiful moments, but I have also witnessed the most unfortunate of sufferings. I see people struggling in pain, frustrated by misunderstanding and devastated by loneliness, and I myself have been the unfortunate victim of a 6-year-long clinical depression. I see the most brilliant of minds weeping alone in solitude, the kindest of hearts scarred by guilt and misunderstanding, and the most tender of smiles smeared by fear and insecurity. I see perfections of nature destroyed at the hands of greed, the clearest of streams stained by the wastes of pollution, and the sincerest of love chained by the limits of distrust. We crave harmony yet we create conflict, we seek understanding but we induce disagreement, we desire happiness yet we cower in fear of failure, and we long for love but  hesitate under the shadows of despair. I am not satisfied at this state of the world, so I seek to change it. I wish to truly connect the minds, hearts and souls between people and unite us in harmony with nature through technology and the multimedia, to bring joy, happiness, understanding and love to everyone and everything, so that together we shall illuminate the shadows of our past, and embrace the hope of our future.


By any means possible, be it a friendly afternoon tea or through a technological platform that broadcasts to the entire world, or even the slightest act of kindness that momentarily lingers within the warmth of a morning walk. There are a million ways to harm another, but love and understanding are the only paths to heal the wounds of our past and to soothe the fears of our future. Just like harm, love can also come in a million different ways, be it an act of forgiveness, a devotion to understanding, or a simple smile to a passing stranger, but unlike wealth or power, love is infinite...I wish all who stumble across my website to put down their fears and embrace their faith in the goodness of others, to truly embrace the possibility of love and understanding, and to never forfeit their dreams to the hardships of reality. Always remember, that you are the miracle, and never forget to encourage others who are suffering to remind them of that shining light that is their true inner strength and possibility.

* I am not a full-time artist or philosopher by trade, thus I may only be occasionally available for photography services. I pursue my passions purely out of love, as such I do not have a fixed charge for my services and may not accept all paid jobs or tasks, however I am always open to meaningful volunteering work.

* This website exists mostly for the purpose of spreading my hopes, dreams, and desire to help all who are suffering in pain and as a personal portfolio and art/photography website. For business and commercial enquiries please contact me through LinkedIn.

* Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or any topics that you wish to discuss. I am always open to puppy photos and videos and will always respond within 24-hours, preferably in person, if booping is allowed.

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