At end of celebration, solitude descends. Gazing at the starry skies, knowing that they are light years apart. The faint breeze brushing on my shoulders, cold and lonely, whispering stories that fell on deaf ears…Dim lights in the distance, warmth emanating from their joy. Across the vast fields, few hearts truly connect. Weeping under the moonlit shadow, I crave for that deep connection. Strolling down the midnight streets, with only the faint moonlight as my eternal companion. – In Search of Love and Understanding.


Let every wound become your strength, let every failure become your motivation; for all the evils of man fail to eclipse the eternal light of love… so let every pain and suffering become your firewood and your spark, and let every misfortune and despair burn to fuel the flames of hope…


The scars of the past can never be fully healed, nor can the evils of mankind be fully redeemed, but we do nonetheless hold the power to shape our future – to fill every moment with love and compassion, and to treat every life with gratitude and respect. We must regain the dignity that is lost through the demonstration of hatred, to unite within the peace of understanding, and to embrace the light of love that emanates of the warmth of compassion. Our time in this world is too transient to fully experience the joys and wonders of this universe, but it is never too late make a difference, for even the dimmest of candlelight can spread into a roaring flame. Let the light of love illuminate our future, and let the darkness of hatred flee at the break of dawn.



It is evident, through the prevalence of unnecessary suffering, that the world was not designed be good in and of itself purely of its own virtue – rather, our world was designed with the intent for love and goodness to be realised within, rather than presumed to be given. So refrain from complaints, and shun away from despair; for your freedom to love is the only key to actualising the purpose of the good within this limited, yet perfect universe.


The more one tries to smile, the more sadness one is trying to conceal. The more one feigns well-being, the more scars they are hiding underneath. An overall state of despair can never be healed through segments of superficial joy; joy that does not shed light into the depth of one’s soul, joy that can never overcome the nightmares before dawn.



Sometimes I really wish to live a lifestyle of the past, a genuine lifestyle of true bonding between human beings and a closeness with nature and all its inhabitants…a lifestyle void of all the distractions of modernity and the false desires of consumerism…a lifestyle that is as relaxing as the gentle breeze, as calm as the clear water, and as warm as the crimson sunset – a moment of peace if I may ask for…lying on a sandy shore, the sound of the breeze brushing through the alpine forests, with the faint whistles of gulls above, and the gentle whispers of a ocean far away…

That light…from a distant world far away, that pierces through my empty faith…As I drove down the idyllic way, recalling dreams that were ever away…I hear the colours of profound happiness, resonating deep within my weeping soul. I try to gaze across the past and future, but faint blue is all I see…The moments before dawn, walking along the breezy shore, the sound of the blue whispering in my ears as I sat by the driftwood, tending to my fears…The moments of perfection flash before me as the stars of the twilight flicker in the distant horizon. The colours of happiness I try to piece, with the fragments of dreams from the world away…I see the colours of happiness.


Since I am an unpredictable wild h̶u̶s̶k̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶g̶  Arctic wolf, using my images and/or music without copyright permission may result in tiny puppies biting your fingers and/or howling in your backyard 4am on Sunday mornings. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED *woof*

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New Zealand

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