Some call me a philosopher, others praise me as an artist, but I am nothing more than a humble traveler, on a journey we call life. I am a seeker of light, and a book of imagination..I seed my fields to fill it with tulips, and I reach the skies to paint it with stars...


Welcome to my inner world...

The world is so vast, so beautiful; full of wonders to witness, and mysteries to ponder…How many lifetimes would it take to walk every corner of this Earth, to count every leaf of a thousand autumns, and to hear the story of a million raindrops…?


Born on a summer afternoon in Invercargill, New Zealand, my young self developed an intense passion for nature, science and the arts soon after I began to speak. Limited access to educational resources led me to learn almost everything by myself, I camped the libraries and museums and sought everything I can to depict my inner world of curiosity, beauty and imagination -- I was completely obsessed with the magnificent wonders of the natural and spiritual world. 


The biggest question of my four-year-old self was: "Is there a beginning to this vast universe? If so, would there be an eventual end...?" While we may never be able to witness the end of time, I nevertheless seek a glance into what transcends our mere eyes, to catch a Glimpse of Perfection through our finite lens of human perception, and to steal a Gaze into Eternity through the beauty of nature and the meaning of love.


The more I learned about our world, the more gratitude and respect I held for the fortuitous miracles of nature and our existence. I wish to dedicate my efforts to encourage a perspective of unity, understanding, and harmony not only between each other as humans, but between all other beings that we share our world of wonder with, to unleash love beyond the borders of our fears, distrust, and greed, and to make our world a brighter place not only for those close to us, but for all that we share our world with, regardless of race, gender, or species. I always believed that obsession creates perfection, true love and meaning can only come from passion and dedication, and the only way to actualise such love and meaning, is to follow the path lightened by our sincerest wishes.


...and the meaning of my life

I love the sunrise and I love the stars, I love the warmth of light and the romance of shadows. I love the birds and trees, in solitude and contemplation, but I also love sports and conversations, and animals with compassion. I love the moments of perfection, unlocked through the most mundane of perception, with the greatest of my passion that lingers with fascination...I am in love with the timid snowflakes, the tender raindrops, the delicate leaves and the subtle breeze -- I love this world, and I, am in love with love itself.

Close your eyes, as the crimson sunset warms your cheeks; open your arms, as the gentle breeze brushes your lips…The waves quibble, as the tide gently strides; the birds settle, as the horizon slowly abates…The coastline fades, as the rocks immerse; engulfed under the calmness of the night, there lies the Sea of Meaning…

Since I am an unpredictable wild h̶u̶s̶k̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶g̶  Arctic wolf, using my images and/or music without copyright permission may result in tiny puppies biting your fingers and/or howling in your backyard 4am on Sunday mornings. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED *woof*

I don't just give out my number that easily!

New Zealand

©2019 by Richard Sheen.