My Dream... to truly connect the hearts, minds, and souls of everyone through the means of technology and the philosophies of love, virtue, and understanding, so that no soul shall weep alone in the darkest of nights, and that no heart shall grieve through the loneliness of isolation...

...and to discover every corner of our beautiful world, to present the most magnificent moments of splendour and grace to promote the harmonious unity between mankind and our environment. I wish to call for global awareness of environmental protection and ecological conservation through the means of technology and the realisation of love for our world -- everyone, and everything, whom we share with our beautiful universe.

A moment of perfection that forever changed me was the wise and loving words of my high school Chinese teacher:"你要努力成为一个因你的存在而使他人快乐的人“ (You must endeavour to become a man who brings hope and happiness to the lives of others). I wish to plant the seeds of hope in the hearts of all who I come across, and I encourage everyone who stumble across this peaceful shelter to spread love and compassion to all who are lonely, and all who are in despair, to ease their pain and suffering, and to remind them that the light of hope is always there, no matter how great the despair.

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Through the lens of my eternal journey...

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