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Richard Sheen


I am Richard Sheen, a seeker of light. Welcome to my world of mystery and wonder.

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This website serves to share my personal journey of discovery and insight as I traverse through this world of wonder that we call life, and as testimony of the moments of perfection that I have had the fortune to witness. It is my belief that reality ought to be depicted in its purest form, that the caprice of emotionality be absent from the enunciation of truth, and that the limitations of cognition be vindicated before the humility of reason. 

I am an autodidact philosopher, economist, photographer, artist, and musician with an academic background in philosophy, psychology, and economics. Purple scents are the most romantic while green music is the most relaxing. I am clinically obsessed with puppies and enjoy staring at snails. My favourite time of day is 15 minutes before sunset and the moments of gratitude.

What is truth? What is existence? Does life have meaning? And what, if anything, is truly precious across the endless boundaries of space and time, as we engage in the contemplation of finality? Here, I shall explore the beautiful and the ugly, the righteous and the malevolent, the transient and the eternal, and most importantly, that which lies beyond the reaches of reality. I invite you to embark upon this journey of discovery together.

Selected Photos

Through the lens of my eternal journey...

The world is so vast, so beautiful; full of wonders to witness, and mysteries to ponder…How many lifetimes would it take to walk every corner of this Earth, to count every leaf of a thousand autumns, and to hear the story of a million raindrops…?

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